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posted April 17, 2005 by Mike Fisher
We made it to Los Angeles in time for the show, amazingly. That was something like 30 hours of driving, stopping only long enough to refuel in between Lake Charles and Los Angeles. I drove the stretch from Lake Charles through El Paso - almost 15 hours straight. And then some more from Tucson to Phoenix. It's amazing what you can do when you're determined.

The show at Bar Sinister went well, despite a few glitches with the lights (still not sure what happened there). I can't remember ever playing a show in a more exhausted state than last night's, but the turnout was good and the audience seemed receptive to all three bands.

Now, after a much, much -much- needed rest, we're off to San Diego for Brick by Brick tonight.

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It was a great show. Your perseverence is much much appreciated!
posted April 17, 2005 by malonine

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