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Machines on the new Punisher soundtrack
It turns out that the old Machines track "Butterfly Wings" is on the soundtrack to the recently released Punisher: War Zone film. Yeah, I know it's not exactly ARF news - but it's more recent than the old ARF news I haven't updated in forever.
Comments: 2 posted March 28, 2009 by Mike Fisher
I lahv thees kantry
And now, a word from our sponsors:

Happy Birthday, America

We now return you to our regularly scheduled facism.

Comments: 1 posted July 4, 2007 by Mike Fisher
Pure genius
Comments: 1 posted July 19, 2006 by Mike Fisher
With support like that, who needs enemas?
On a recent drive from LA to Phoenix, I passed through the Inland Empire’s giant section of car dealerships just off the I-10. Many of these places have those gigantic color LCD billboards that flash messages designed to entice buyers to take a closer look. Most of these LCD billboards run loops of 4 or 5 different displays, meaning that they rotate between messages every 10 seconds or so. One dealership chose to add a “Support Our Troops!” message in between the sales pitches. So the net effect was the following:

“Support Our Troops… Test Drive A 2006 Nissan Xterra!”

Something tells me the irony was lost on those responsible, though I'd like to think that I’m not the only driver who noticed the juxtaposition.

Comments: 4 posted July 18, 2006 by Mike Fisher
Someone should do a statistical analysis of the number of anti-US terror plots "uncovered" during election years vs. non-election years.

Not that I'm skeptical or anything.

Comments: 1 posted July 7, 2006 by Mike Fisher
Pop Star, Inc.
I swear I don’t normally get my news from MTV, but by random dumb luck I came across this headline while reading a story on

"Beyonce's Triple Threat: New Album, Film, Fashion Line Before Year's End"

Am I the only person who’s so very very tired of pop musicians trying so hard to cross over into other lines of work? In particular film and fashion. Is the problem that it’s not time-consuming enough to be a pop star? Beyonce also needs to be an actress. And a fashion diva. Jessica Simpson shills cosmetics. And needs to be an actress. Ditto Brittney, ditto J. Lo, ditto P. Diddy (or insert more recent iteration of his name here), ditto just about everyone else.

I suppose if you’re not writing your material or producing your own music, that leaves some time to kill. And I acknowledge that for the most part these people are entertainers more so than musicians, so perhaps my expectations of them should be different. And above all, I acknowledge that for these people it's all about the money - how best to "leverage their brand". But still, it’s just gotten so damn predictable: Headed up the pop charts? Great – here’s a movie script and an endorsement for a line of clothing. Got a recognizable name? Here's a designer fragrance and a reality TV show. Been on the charts lately? Here's a ghost writer and a book deal. Sign here, here and here, initial here. Congratulations, you’re now a multiheaded commerce institution.

Comments: 0 posted June 1, 2006 by Mike Fisher
Alice and Billy and Duff - and a small world
Saw the Alice in Chains show last night in LA at Roxy. I was skeptical about seeing AIC without Layne Staley, but it was a damn good show, and in a venue the size of the Roxy (which is to say, tiny) it was certainly a unique experience. Guest appearances included Billy Corgan and Duff, among others. Got crushed up near the front of the stage towards the end there, but it was worth the occasional elbow in my ribs to see a show like that from 2 feet away.

By sheer random luck, I ran into Jim from Opiate for the Masses, and later met Seven as well (Jim's the guitarist & keyboardist, Seven's the drummer). Opiate are originally from Phoenix, which would be a bit of a small world story by itself. But as it turns out, the place I just moved in to in LA is the same place where Jim lived for a number of years prior. Now -that- is a small world story. What are the odds, in a city the size of LA, of randomly meeting the person who just moved out of the place you just moved into? Bizarre....

Comments: 1 posted May 19, 2006 by Mike Fisher
The last word on horsepower
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I give you:

The Jet-powered Beetle.

Ride-pimpers and Boy Racers, take note: this thing doesn't use any parts that you buy at Pep Boys. You have all collectively been owned. Have a nice day.

Comments: 2 posted May 4, 2006 by Mike Fisher
Stephen Colbert is a genius
Stephen Colbert, during his speech at the White House Correspondents' dinner explained how information travels from the White House, through reporters, and on to the public:

"Here's how it works. The president makes decisions; he's the decider. The Press Secretary announces those decisions, and you people of the press type those decisions down. Make, announce, type. Put them through a spell check and go home. Get to know your family again. Make love to your wife. Write that novel you got kicking around in your head. You know, the one about the intrepid Washington reporter with the courage to stand up to the administration... You know, fiction."

Kudos to a man with SUV-sized huevos, for standing 10 feet from the Monkey Fuhrer and giving him the verbal lashing he has so richly deserved for YEARS. Not to mention the so-called "liberal media" who mostly can't seem to stomach the thought of calling the Administration out onto the carpet for its myriad lies, boundless arrogance and unending hypocrisy.

Comments: 2 posted May 1, 2006 by Mike Fisher
You gotta love it...
So, reports are finally surfacing that yes, the leaks of classified information in the run-up to the Iraq war actually -did- come directly from the very top echelons of the administration.

So, which story is the Fox News website leading with?

Naturally, the one about the disgraced (and often disgraceful) representative from Georgia who got into a scuffle with Capitol Hill police. And naturally, they refer to her party association (Democratic) in the opening headline of the story.

So, let me get this straight: GEORGIA DEMOCRAT SORRY ABOUT SCUFFLE WITH POLICE!!!! ... pssst... hey, buddy... president authorized leaks of classified information to bolster his weak justification for iraq war.. shhh..... NOW BACK TO OUR TOP STORY - GEORGIA DEMOCRAT WHO IS FROM THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY APOLOGIZES FOR HITTING A POLICEMAN!!!!

I swear, this stuff is priceless.

Comments: 3 posted April 6, 2006 by Mike Fisher

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